Rating CIES

Since 2013, the CIES Football Observatory has developed a powerful approach to estimate on a scientific basis the transfer value of professional footballers. All things being equal, a wealthier club must invest more to sign a player. Values presented refer to the fee corresponding to the type of team most likely to be interested in recruiting the player. The specific price per buying club is only available on a consultancy basis. The module also presents the performance level of big-5 league players in six areas of the game over the last 1,000 minutes played using data provided by OptaPro. It also includes statistics on players’ career.

You can test the original tool on:

You can test our redesign prototype on: Invision

“Pourquoi ne pourrait-on pas battre un club plus riche ? Je n’ai jamais vu un sac de billets marquer un but.”
— Johan Cruyff