Magic Ello Ball

Ask, Shake & Get the answer!

The Magic Ello Ball is a responsive web app, so EVERYBODY – iOS and Android users who have a phone with a gyroscope – can use it.

Note: iPhone users, we suggest you to “add the webpage to your home screen” (for a better full screen experience).

How we imagined the app

One day Justin Gitlin posted two gifs on “Ello approve” and “Ello disapprove” that we found very interesting. We remembered another animated gif of Big Poppa E in which the logo spined around, very amusing too. Based on that, we wanted to mix that two, to create something else. The Ello logo looks like the very popular Magic 8 ball… so that was how the “Magic Ello Ball” has been imagined.


As the “Magic 8 Ball” that everbybody knows, the “Magic Ello Ball” can predict the future and answers to all your questions in a simple way.

1: Ask a question that can be answered by “Yes” or “No”.
2: Shake your phone.
3: Get the answer!


For making the idea real, we want to thank:
Justin Gitlin & Big Poppa E for the animated gifs they allow us to use in the app. Jeremy Desvaux who help us to develop the web app (Note: We used shake.js by Alex Gibson and animate.css by Dan Eden)

Also, a special thanks to:
Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr from Berger & Föhr (the Ello identity & logo are a joy to play with)

Hope you will like it and have as many fun to use it as we had to make it.
Spray the word and, in doubt shake your phone, Magic Ello Ball has always the answer!

Download the app