The black-and-white contrast has a particular appeal for us and it is always a great source of inspiration.

For this project, our reflection was nourished by our own neuroses, something oddly called “the black-and-white thinking”.

Starting point

As a defense mechanism, we commonly tend to think in extremes. In this way, our vision usually swings between two states: “all white” (all good) or “all black” (all bad) with no room for middle ground.

This simplistic behavior contributes to distort the way we see the world (and our own life) which may create some inner turmoils: thinking that all is good may cause disappointment while thinking that all is bad may lead into despair.

According to this, a difficulty, a bad mood or a bad day makes us feel like we have a bad life.
Sometimes – in those moments – all we need is a little perspective.

The app

The idea was to find a way to use and to gradually detach ourselves from this binary thinking and then to develop a more nuanced look at things. Moodiary helps to visualize more clearly these nuances and transform them into a piece of art.

Step 1: How was your day?

First, take the time to properly consider this question before answering. Was it mainly a white day or a black one?
— “It was undoubtedly a good day”
— “Actually not that bad”
— “Well… it could have been worse”
— “I should have stayed in bed”
Follow this rule: if you can respond by one of the first three assertions, it is probably a white day. Keep black days for the last case only.

Step 2: Choose between black or white

According to your choice and therefore to your mood, a daily thought – to close the day – appears.

Step 3: Take a step back!

After a while of recording “the colours” of your days, you will be able to have a fresh view of your lifetime, eventually with more variations than you assumed.

Appreciate it, respect it, it is your masterpiece!

Plus: Take it as a game

Try to make the longest line of white days. Let’s try to make it happen!

The app is currently under developement and should be available on the app store soon.
You can follow the twitter account: @moodiaryapp, check the website or buy some products on our shop.


“Don’t let a bad day make you feel you have a bad life.”
— Unknown